Gold leaf with Cherry Blossom's Painting

Metallic's wall - living room Damansara City

Geometric design painting - Boy's Room

Floral Painting  TV room - Bungalow

Floral Painting  Girl's room - Bungalow

texture finish with ART element

Stucco wall - BRDB SERAI show gallery 

Stucco finish on wall - Impiana Hotel

Faux brick - Sierra 6 - Puchong

Metallic wall - Private Residence

Bronze texture - Sunway Mont kiara Show Gallery

Bronze texture - Sunway Mont kiara

White textured wall

Concrete finish - entrance's wall - office

Hand Painted Brick - condominium

Figure painting on faux white brick - show gallery

Stucco wall  - living hall BRDB

White Bricks's wall -  Public area -USJ condo

 Rusty finiah - office at damansara city

 Fresco Painting - Favora Restaurant - Le    Meridien Hotel KL Sentral


Patina finish's wall- Setia Alam

Cement Finish - Shopping mall

Concrete Effects on wall - Setia Alam

Stucco finish on wall - office

Mural painting - snowy blue night

Textured wall  -  Public area -USJ condo

cement Block finish 's wall -  Public area -USJ condo

Champagne Silver leaf on ceiling - Impiana Hotel - KLCC

Metallic distress finish

Contemporary as its name suggests is truly a spendid way to express the current trend. The essence of it includeds vibrance or simplicity, with creativity as the key. One can play around with its colours and futuristic ideas, blending into any room of the presence. Design of contemporary is vastly growing, with application of difference materials or simply decorating with a single piece of fine art. Mural painting, Concrete Finish, Silver leaf gilding, Metallic painting, Texture Painting, Stucco & etc..... are some of the ideal techniques to wonderfully incorporated into a bland interior. The sometimes coldness of contemporary can be cleverly highlighted by blending decorative art into it, not loosing the modern luster but emphasis of uniqueness is presented.

Patina finish's wall- Setia Alam

Copper Leaf 's Ceiling - Impiana Hotel - KLCC

Painted deer - Private Residence

Stucco on columns - Putrajaya Convention Center

Metallic's wall - Llift  area -USJ condo

Hand Painted White & Gold Marble

texture finish 

Timber Effects  on void - Melawati mall

Gradient effects on bedhead - Isola condo

Faux concrete / concrete effects - Bukit jalil Stadium

Stucco finish on wall - office

Art Painting - Living room - Desa Park City

Stucco wall - BRDB SERAI show gallery 


Concrete Finish - Melawati Mall

 World Map Painting - Dome Cafe

Faux concrete on counter's and backdrop

Painted Floor - Fridays Boutique

Elegant painting - Bukit Kiara

Stucco wall - Putrajaya Convention Center

Cement finish on TV's wall - Courtyard Villa

Floral painting on stair

 Fresco Painting - Favora Restaurant - Le    Meridien Hotel KL Sentral

Faux concrete / concrete effects

 Fresco Painting - Favora Restaurant - Le    Meridien Hotel KL Sentral

Painted cloud on bedhead's wall - Bukit Kiara

Painted Brick - TTDI plaza

Cloud Effects - Private Residence

Concrete Finish - Melawati Mall

HandPainted MARBLE on TV Panel - Bukit Kiara

Dark silver finish - living room 

Mural painting on bedhead's 


Bronze finish on PVC pipe

Cement Block finish - Office

Hand Painted Marble - sierra 6 - puchong

Cement finish on bedhead - Lumi Tropicana


Textured wall - Mont Kiara

P r o j e c t s

Art painting with limewash on bedhead


Painted mosaic - desa park's show bungalow